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I'm Thor.

A User Experience Designer


My 11-year design journey comes across mobile, web, and desktop apps on both consumer-facing and enterprise product categories, plus graphic design on print materials.

I am currently leading a small design team at a construction software startup Rhumbix and taking charge of all aspects of the design function — from user research, information architecture, interaction, visual, prototype, usability evaluation, to usage data analysis, on both product and marketing.





Rhumbix Simplified Timekeeping

Taking Design Thinking approach to solve a decade-old problem in the construction industry by designing a mobile app matching users' mental model and diverse workflows. | 2016 Oct. -2017 Mar.

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Citrix Receiver X1

Interaction design for a HTML5-based product across multiple platforms and devices that allowed access to virtualized apps, files, and desktops. | 2015-2016

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Citrix Receiver In-session

Designing in-session experience of a virtualization client which provides access to virtual apps and desktop on multiple desktop and mobile operating systems and platforms, easing the gap between local and virtual worlds. | 2015-2016

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Citrix XenMobile

Interaction design for an enterprise mobile device management administrative console. | 2015


Practical Visualization

Talk presented at UX Australia 2014 & User Friendly 2014

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Unification Initiatives

Unified workflow & interactions across Citrix admin products | 2014



Study of the manufacturing industry’s IT ecosystem. Optimized the configuration and usage of Citrix products for industry specific needs. Utilized comic illustrations for storytelling. | 2013 - 2014




I worked along side Thor on several projects at Citrix. Of all the designers I have worked with, he has stood out as the easiest with whom to collaborate. He is very talented, but keeps an open mind to all ideas. I always felt like he was listening. 
I learned many skills from working with Thor. The ones that stand out the most involve presenting abstract ideas and data in an understandable and meaningful way. He has a real knack for researching and visualizing complex ideas. 
I knew I could always trust Thor to deliver his obligation to a project on time and always exceed expectations. He's an awesome designer and a favorite coworker. His talent inspires you to be better, but he'll never make it feel competitive. I give him my highest recommendation.

Ryan Milewicz, UX Designer


I had the pleasure of having Thor as a designer on my team at Citrix, he is an exceptional multi-disciplinary design talent, with an incredible work ethic and above all real pleasure to work with.

During our time working together Thor worked hard to continually build his skills, build strong cross-functional work partnerships and was always willing to undertake broader responsibilities in order to grow. Some of our strategic design projects began with an exploratory nature, which is where Thor’s willingness to embrace ambiguity, deeply understand customer problems and our underlying technologies helped him to build credibility with everyone he worked with. On several occasions I asked Thor to lead design projects, one particular highlight was a challenging project which spanned multiple product groups, seeking to audit existing product experiences and look for opportunities to unify our design approaches, Thor willingly accepted the accountability and lead team of UX and Visual designers from across the company and multiple geographies to collaborate and share ideas to drive toward validated recommendations and a more unified customer experience.

New product innovation also played a significant part in Thor’s contribution at Citrix, he was a co-founder the of Cubefree, a product recognized and further developed through the three month long Citrix Innovators Program, where only three teams of self driven intrepreneurs from across the company, alongside external startup companies were selected and coached to find market fit for their ideas. The Innovators Program was fully immersive experience with expert mentorship in Lean Startup and Design Thinking methodologies to accelerate learning and actively invalidate personal assumptions.

Overall I feel privileged to have had Thor as part of my team, watch him grow professionally and his passion for innovation and ability to execute means I would never hesitate to work together again.

Matthew Saunders, Director of Design


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