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I’m a design leader and a hands-on achiever.


I'm Thor.

An Experience Design Manager

13+ years user-centric design (UCD) experience, leading multi-discipline collaborations to solve complex customer experience challenges. Designing consumer and enterprise web, mobile, and desktop apps, processes, and services behind UIs. Passionate about AI-driven products & services, improving humanity, building effective design culture, and enabling teams to achieve success. 



:: Design Initiative ::

First Mile for Business Administration

A design initiative guides different personas through the Adobe product license deployment journey on multiple surfaces. The solution framework covers the initial setup process and extends to be ongoing contextual guidance standard.

Photographer Trained AI for Photographers

Exploring AI-powered automation service ideas for Lightroom CC to reduce photographers' repetitive manual works.



:: Product Design ::

Rhumbix Simplified Timekeeping

Taking Design Thinking approach to solve a decade-old problem in the construction industry by designing a mobile app matching users' mental model and diverse workflows.
2016 Oct. - 2017 Mar.



:: Social Impact ::

Stop Wage Theft

Designing a graphical instruction card to guide filed labors activating Google Map Timeline feature as legal proof of working hours for fair pay.
2017 - 2019



:: Hackathon ::

Construction Ecosystem

Physicalizing personas and scenarios in the construction industry by building a LEGO model.
2016 - 2017



:: Leadership ::

Designing Leadership and Management

Strategy and tactics as a first-time design manager.
2018 - 2019




He is an effective leader. Thor’s A+ talents include transforming creative thoughts into actionable, organized details; managing team and process efficiently; balancing long-term vision with short-term deliverables; turning complex user needs into simple solutions; and identifying work that is needed and just doing it without being asked.

Reid Senescu, Sr. Director of Product Management

* * *

He has a real knack for researching and visualizing complex ideas.

Ryan Milewicz, Product Designer

* * *

Thor’s willingness to embrace ambiguity, deeply understand customer problems and our underlying technologies helped him to build credibility with everyone he worked with.

Matthew Saunders, Director of Design


Besides Work...

My Hobbies



Amateur landscape and portrait photography. Passionate about culture, performance art, city and nature landscape, and finding love in nature.

Wine Tasting

Tasting wine and sharing knowledge with fellow oenophiles. Taught 2 courses for beginners:

Triathlon & Charity

2012 Lavaman Triathlon, Team in Training fundraising event for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

My favorite outdoor activity in the beautiful Formosa/Taiwan ocean.


I design because I believe

Good Design Fixes Problems,


for our collective future, across generations.


I'm Here


San Francisco / Bay Area, CA, USA

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